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  • The elephant in the room

    INTEREST rates will continue to be low for some time to come, so it seems. On Thursday, at the conclusion of its Sept 12-13 meeting, the US Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) decided to add to...

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  • The wind still blows from the West

    When the direction of the wind changes, some build walls while others build windmills.
    - Ancient Chinese proverb

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  • Safe havens that hold up well

    Which asset classes serve as good hedges against inflation and deflation? A recent study provides some surprising answers.

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  • It may be time to revisit structured products

    After the Lehman debacle, the industry has shifted away from complex structures. By KENNETH LIM

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  • Make the most of your bonus

    It’s bonus season, that time of the year when everyone feels a little bit richer, a little bit more generous, a little bit keener to go shopping.

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  • Market Outlook 2012: Years of the Dragon

    As we look towards 2012, key factors in the context of positioning investment portfolios include:

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  • Remember the "two you's"

    In conflict with the long-term you is the short-term you. To position yourself for 2012, focus on your long-term goals.

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  • Young Asians creating wealth at a fast pace

    NEW YORK - Wealth is being created in Asia at a rapid pace by a young generation of entrepreneurs whose private banking needs differ significantly from those of high-net-worth individuals in Europe...

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  • Cash is no longer king

    When financial markets become increasingly volatile, it seems like many flock to the relative safety of cash.

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