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  • Cash me if you can

    CASH is king. This adage applies to both investing and running a business. In a financial crisis when assets are valued at extraordinarily low levels you want to have enough cash to snap up as many...

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  • For returns, stocks outpace property market

    HOUSEHOLD net wealth in Singapore grew by a compounded 8 per cent a year between 2000 and 2010, data from the Yearbook of Statistics Singapore 2012 shows.

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  • Bond fund with impressive track record

    IF you are hungry for stability in your portfolio there is an option that boasts low costs, a regular income and exposure to Asian currencies.

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  • Buying a home, working out the figures

    PREVIOUSLY, the first home of a newly wed graduate couple would be - at the minimum - a four-room HDB flat," said a friend who is in her early 30s. "Now, many of my newly married friends can only...

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  • Behind structured notes

    STRUCTURED notes became dirty words in 2008 when Lehman Brothers' collapse rendered more than $500 million worth of retail notes worthless.

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  • Moving with the ups and downs of stocks

    A FRIEND who has been working on a stock trading software program noted that when stock markets go up, they take the escalator. The ascent is gradual. But when they come down, they take the lift. It...

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  • Jakarta moves to avoid credit card trap

    JAKARTA: Just before the year-end holidays, Ms Siana Ria received two pre-approved credit cards in the mail.

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  •  Interest-free plans for luxuries

    If you have your heart set on a luxury watch or designer handbag but cannot afford it, there is a way to get what you want without burning a hole in your pocket.

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  • Credit card debt and spending hit record highs

    [SINGAPORE] Credit card spending and debt last year rose to all-time highs as consumers here grew increasingly immune to the non-stop flow of bad news from natural disasters to economic turmoil in...

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  • Home buyers borrowing less

    BUYERS are putting proportionally more cash down when purchasing a home and cutting back on borrowings as a new mood of prudence takes hold.

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  • OCBC launches Frank credit card

    OCBC Bank yesterday introduced credit cards under its “Frank by OCBC” programme, expanding the suite of products targeting students and young adults aged 18-28.

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  • The best credit cards for jet-setters

    Premium cards targeted at well-heeled travellers offer frequent flier miles and more

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  • Great time to refinance home loans

    INTEREST rates on housing loans are at their lowest levels in the last 46 years. Recently, the SOR (swap offer rate) even fell into negative territory, something that no one might have thought...

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More owners of luxury condos selling at a loss

[SINGAPORE] A larger percentage of high-end luxury condo homes on the resale market are selling at a loss and a smaller percentage at a...

Banks acting early to prevent card fraud

SOME banks are acting early to implement a security measure designed to guard against card fraud where a credit or debit card is stolen...

BT Personal Finance Tidbits

BT Personal Finance Tidbits
  • Cash me if you can

    Cash me if you can

    CASH is king. This adage applies to both investing and running a business. In a financial crisis when assets are valued at extraordinarily...

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