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Market Snapshot

STI 3,260.05 -3.74
Vol Val Rise Fall Unch
1,764.5M 935.2M 210 119 429
HSI 27,401.67 -
KLCI 1,772.94 -1.28
N225 19,434.64 50.80
KOSPI 2,366.40 1.07
DJI 21,408.52 -5.82
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Stock Chart
Last Done Change Volume Range
0.117 - (-) 12,393 0.117 - 0.121

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BlackGold Natural Resources requests trading halt

19 Jun 2017 18:34

CATALIST-LISTED BlackGold Natural Resources has requested a trading halt for its shares.

This is in expectation of the release of an announcement, the coal mining company's chief executive officer Philip Cecil Rickard said in a release after market close on Monday.

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